Leopard gecko breeder from Seelze near Hanover

The fascinating world of exotic leopard geckos.
Colorful, easy to keep, very suitable for beginners as well as for children.

Schöne Leopardgeckos vom Züchter
Schöne Leopardgeckos vom Züchter

Care of leopard geckos


We have summarized the most common and important questions with their respective clarifications here.

Species appropriate care

We always do our best to take care of our geckos in a species-appropriate way and to feed them varied and healthy.

Best genetics

In our breeding projects we take great care to get healthy and colorful leopard gecko babies.

Healthy diet

Whether baby or adult – all are fed healthy and get necessary vitamins with calcium for a healthy life.

Leopard gecko breeder

We are still absolutely enthusiastic leopard gecko keepers. We enjoy our hobby very much and all income is invested for the animals, which we care for carefully.


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    Leopardgecko Hobbyzucht
    Julia Torkunov
    30926 Seelze, Germany
    +49 170 989 1869

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