Age and weight

Leopard geckos are small-bodied lizards, but you still need to know how big your gecko can get. By knowing the exact weight by age, you can make sure that your pet is healthy and has a good weight. Read on below to learn about the leo growth chart, which is the growth rate of the leopard gecko from hatching to adult. You can quickly determine if your gecko is overweight or underweight and what factors to look for to ensure your pet lives a happy and healthy life.

How do I weigh my gecko?

Results should be displayed in grams.
Weigh your gecko monthly.

Hatched 3 – 4.5 grams
1 month 15-20 grams
2 months 18-30 grams
4-6 months 25-60 grams
9-18 months 40 – 110 grams

Every leopard gecko owner, wants the best for their pet. If you can determine that the weight matches the age in the chart above, you can be sure that you have a healthy animal.
Now you should be able to quickly identify an underweight or overweight gecko, and thus make the necessary changes to keep the gecko healthy.